top 5 apps for football fans

Top-5 apps for football fans

The days of getting updates on last night’s match on the next day’s newspaper or radio broadcasting have long gone. Today the internet and software technology has given rise to several developments like apps that can help you get informed about anything and everything you want to know. One can check scores and get live updates of a match they are not even watching at that point. One also gets information about the latest line-ups of the teams and the in-game stats. Another good option is Buaksib especially their Livescore section to stay in touch with the latest football results.

Football fans should seize this opportunity to learn about the apps that exist to help them be informed and know more about football and their favorite team. Here the top 5 apps that every football fan should download. But before we start, take a look at Sbobet and try your luck in betting on your favorite football team.

1.      Livescore

This app has a beautiful yet simple interface with all the facilities like checking the score of a match any time you like. They offer you accurate news related to football, with live updates of every match. You can also get personalized notifications if you are interested in a particular league or team. All the stats and latest line-ups will be available ready for you to go through in this application. The app has existed for more than 20 years and offers the best services. Without any delay, you can download this app as it is an absolute necessity.

2.      CBS Sports

This app offers more than most of the apps in the market. CBS Sports not only provides you with live updates, scores, news, stats, etc. but also reveals aspects of game analytics to you. One can get access to CBS Sports Radio as well as the HQ channel for a live match.

3.      Forza Football

This app is an outstanding and unique app as it provides you with canvas approval ratings of your team, the chairman, as well as the team manager throughout the campaign. The information in this app is like a hive technology getting news from all the sources, including line-ups, goal videos, tables, live scores, scoring charts, transfer, and disciplinary news and the list is endless. It clearly can never disappoint you.

4.      Transfermrkt

Every football enthusiast wants their favorite websites to exist in the form of an app. Transfermrt is a website that now is available in the form of an app. The interface of the app is simple and beautiful. The data is well arranged and the best. This app has information that a lot of applications skip out on, including data like individual performance data.

5.      Stats Zone

This app is a perfect choice if a football enthusiast wants to dissect a game with the utmost accuracy. Every stat is available for analysis, including data like the passes, dribbles, shots, etc. You get all the data based on matches in Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, MLS, Champions League, and Bundesliga. The free app offers you more data than any other application for in-depth analysis of every single match.

Thus, the apps are a perfect choice for any football geek out there. These top 5 apps are handpicked for you and are mostly available in both Android and iOS versions and can provide you with all types of information that one can possibly get related to football and its stakeholders.

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