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Top solar generators: The best portable power stations

Self-sufficient and emergency power even in the event of a power failure: Power stations charge from a socket or solar and provide electricity independently of the grid – on the go and at home.

Mobile solar generators with an internal battery can charge USB gadgets and 12 V consumers, and devices with a classic 230 V plug can also be supplied with electricity on the go. The power stations can be charged with a power supply unit and solar energy for the greatest possible flexibility. Together with a photovoltaic panel, a self-sufficient power supply is possible far away from the power grid.

In addition to the design and the battery capacity, the tested models differ mainly in terms of charging times, volume, and maximum power. In this article, we’ll show you the best solar generators.


When buying a power station, you should think carefully about what the device must be able to do. In particular, high capacity and continuous performance drive the price up. Our three best-rated models cost at least $2,000. In return, it can also operate energy-hungry consumers over longer periods of time.

If you only want to charge the notebook or supply some lamps or the sound system on the go, you can also get along well with the inexpensive devices. Such applications do not require more than 300 to 500 watts. For example, if the solar generator is to be used when camping, you should definitely consider the volume. If you want to operate notebooks, you should pay attention to the maximum performance of the USB ports.

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