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Two Different Types of Tequila Drinking

In Mexico, the homeland of tequila, it is often drunk straight, but sometimes with. Outside of Mexico, however, tequila is usually served as a shot, along with salt and a lime or lemon wedge. These ingredients help take the pungent flavor out of low-quality tequila and are consumed in a specific order, as detailed below.

American style with lime or lemon

Briefly lick the skin between your thumb and forefinger or the back of your hand. Sprinkle a small pinch of salt on the moistened area. Your saliva will cause the salt to stick there. Hold a lime/lemon slice with your thumb and forefinger on the same hand as the salt. Exhale, lick up the salt, gulp down the tequila and bite into the lime/lemon.

However, some prefer to bite into the lime/lemon before inhaling, so they don’t taste the tequila. As you drink the tequila, throw your head back and try to swallow all of the tequila in one gulp. Finally, you have a shot. You can also use pineapple juice instead of lime/lemon for rinsing. Enjoy your shot glass of tequila, then sip the pineapple juice before inhaling. This means that you can hardly taste the alcohol.

Mexican style with Sangrita

Prepare the Sangrita with which you will enjoy your tequila. “Sangrita” means “little blood” in Spanish. It got this name because of its color. Sangrita is non-alcoholic. Mix the following ingredients together in a bowl, then place in the fridge: 240ml freshly squeezed orange juice 30ml freshly squeezed lime juice 1 teaspoon grenadine 12 dashes hot sauce (cholula would be best)

Divide up the sangrita so that for every shot glass of tequila, there is also a shot glass of sangrita. Serve the sangrita with a tequila blanco. Traditionally, sangrita is served with this tequila, although tequila reposado can also be drunk with sangrita.

Take small sips of the tequila and sangrita rather than gulp them down. Native Mexicans tend not to gulp down their tequila, preferring to drink it in small sips. Sip the sangrita and tequila along with a squeeze of lime juice for The Mexican Flag. This combination gets its name because each of the three liquids represents a color of the Mexican flag – red, white and green.


You can also try the Tequila Strong Love method. To do this, one person puts the salt in their mouth and kisses the other person who has the tequila in their mouth. Then the first person puts the lime in their mouth so that a piece of it sticks out so the second person can bite into it. She has to be careful when doing this, though, as she might bite the first person’s tongue instead of the lime slice. Adding a squirt of Tabasco to the shot glass of tequila is another way to drink it. This sinus-clearing shot is known as “Prairie Fire.” As a fun variation, you can ask someone to lend their hand (or another part of their body) for the salt. When you buy quality tequila like Patron, you don’t need salt or lime. They would only drown out the good taste of the high-quality tequila. Advice on how to down a shot quickly varies: some advise inhaling before downing the alcohol, and others advise exhaling first. Tequila is often drunk in company, with everyone going through the steps simultaneously.

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