useful websites for law students

Useful Websites for Law Students

Studying law is difficult. In fact, it is one of the most challenging professions to not only pursue but get a degree in as well. However, once you’ve passed these few tough years, you can easily climb your way to success and a 6-figure salary. This is because, although tough, the subject of law is also highly rewarding. As a lawyer, not only are you a leader of justice, but your profession will enable you to earn more than enough for you to forget your law-school woes.

One of the reasons that law school is so difficult, especially in the UK, is because of how extensive it is. There is a ton of information students are expected to absorb over a small time period. Next, these students are expected to produce the most polished and awe-worthy essays and reports. In law school, regardless of who you are or what your understanding of the subject is so far, you will be expected to produce ground-breaking essays every time.

Therefore students often flock to law essay writers or employ a law essay writing service. This is because such services offer law essay help from UK Ph.Ds and other law professionals for a small fee. Safe to say that law essay writers UK have quite a few clients because of how tough law universities can be. A law essay writing service can help save your grade and is a necessity at times. However, as a law student, you can also improve your knowledge and essay writing skills by referring to some of the best legal sites online.

For students struggling with their work, numerous law websites can teach you how to write a law essay. We’ve listed a few of the best legal news websites and other helpful resources and sites that you can use to improve your law essay writing skills.

Best Law Websites For Students To Help With Essays

As a law student, you know that there are numerous resources that you need to produce good work. Finding these resources can be quite challenging and may require a bit of help. Here are some of the best law websites for students you can use to improve your law knowledge and gain insight into writing a law essay that is sure to win your praise!

1.   E-lawresources

If you don’t have a law background and have freshly stepped into the field, this website is for you. E-lawresources is used by many students that need a little more help getting started with law school. It’s especially great for students who didn’t take Law in their A levels. The website contains helpful material on Contract and Criminal law.

This website also a useful section labelled “Cases tab.” Under this, students can find notes, summaries, important information, legal principles, and decisions made for a particular case. This site should not be used as the only resource while gathering information because it is pretty basic and does not have too many details about laws or cases. However, it is an excellent way to get started!

2.   Google Scholar

An essential criterion for a good piece of writing is that it must be well researched. The more references you put in your essay, the better it will be received by your teachers and peers. After all, eloquence no match for concrete proof. This is where Google Scholar comes into play.

The website has an extensive database of published articles regarding any and all kinds of the subject matter. So regardless of what type of law information you are looking for, you are bound to find useful sources through Google Scholar. The website is straightforward and simple yet powerful!

3.   Cite This For Me

Imagine you’ve done all your research and have all this valuable information that you are absolutely sure is going to win your professors over and get you that A. However, you could still lose marks if you haven’t used a proper referencing format. This can be terribly frustrating and can undermine all your hard work.

This is why Cite This For Me is a godsent website for students who are struggling with referencing. The website is easy to use and completely free. It helps to generate OSCOLA referencing that can be used by law students for their essays, reports, and articles.

4.   Advanced Associates

Advanced Associates is a handy collaborative website for law students. It contains law related content and features that are exclusively created to help law students. The website allows students to review various case briefs in an easy to understand format and even create their own brief with the wiki functionality.

The platform also allows students to leave ratings and reviews for clerks, have case discussions, and share case outlines as well. To keep this platform exclusive to the law community, the website can only be accessed by law-school email id.

5.   WestLaw

WestLaw is one of the most popular and extensive law databases to exist. Most law schools have access to Westlaw, and they routinely encourage students to refer to it for all their work. Although some students may find its interface to be a bit confusing, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to use.

This website has everything you will ever need to write an excellent law essay! The best part is that it even offers students chances to become certified with it. That added certification always looks nice on resumes and could potentially land you a job at a reputable law firm.


Writing a law essay can be quite tricky if you don’t have good resources to refer to. Although you could take help from a law essay writing service, there are numerous free websites and resources you could use to write one yourself as well. We’ve put together a list of some of the best legal sites students can use as a resource during law school and as a guide for writing brilliant essays.

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