weedsmart vs budexpressnow important things to consider while buying cannabis online

WeedSmart VS BudExpressNow: Important Things to Consider While Buying Cannabis Online

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada from October 2018, the market of weed has grown exponentially. Just like the other online shops, now online dispensaries that offer marijuana and strains are available. All these online dispensaries are bound by rules and regulations established by the government of Canada. But like other online shopping sites, there is a vast difference between these online dispensaries. Weedsmart and Bud Express Now or BXN are among the most popular and the top online dispensaries in Canada. Here, we are going to show the comparison between these online weed stores.

Choosing a reliable online weed store is really confusing since right now this industry is still in infancy and there no gem like Amazon in shopping. Weedsmart is already popular and it has a community of more than 50,000 customers. So, it can be said that Weedsmart is gaining trust among Canadian pot lovers. Let’s check out BudExpressNow stands when we are comparing it with one of the most popular online dispensaries like WeedSmart.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Online Dispensary

Selection of Cannabis Strains

The first and the most important thing to keep in mind while selecting an online dispensary is to check the variety of cannabis strains available at the store. When an online dispensary has a large collection of strains in the stock, it signifies its success and high customer sales.

BXN or Bud Express Now has more than 20 cannabis strains available on their platform. But it is much lower than when comparing with Weedsmart since it provides almost 100 qualitative cannabis strains.

Educational Blog and Low-Price Guarantee

Maintaining an educational blog on a shopping site is very crucial these days since it shows that the seller cares about customers. Blogs should not be only about the products but they should also render various uses and benefits of the products

Both, BudExpress and Weedsmart, have a blog section where they enlighten their customers about the products they have on offer. Along with all these, they also guarantee the low-price of the cannabis strains and other weed products available at the store.

A Large Selection of Products

Along with cannabis strains, having other cannabis products is also necessary. CBD vape juices, edibles, CBD oil, wax, tincture, and many other products should be offered at an ideal online weed store.

BudExpressNow and WeedSmart, both guarantee a wide variety of cannabis products so, consumers can have a great selection of products at the single store. They don’t have to choose another online store to buy some other cannabis store.

Mix and Match Option

Having a large variety of products is a really amazing thing but offering an option of mix and match is also necessary to check at the online dispensary. This way customers can try multiple a variety of strains and they can also get them at a discounted price.

At Weedsmart and Getkush, customers get the mix and match option. They can choose among the twenty-five cannabis strains when they make a purchase of a 1 oz premium mix and match. BudExpress doesn’t offer this feature as of now so, here Weedsmart has more advantages than BXN.

Free Delivery and Free Gifts

Free delivery at a certain amount of purchase is mandatory at any online store these days. The minimum purchase amount at the various online store could be different. Along with free delivery, free gifts are not compulsory but it shows the dedication and customer orientation of an online dispensary.

Weedsmart and BXN offer free delivery but the minimum purchase amount is different. Weedsmart delivers your order for free when you make a purchase over $99 and BXN offers free shipping on the order above $149. But when it comes to offering free gifts, BudExpressNow fails against Weedsmart. Weedsmart offers free gifts on all the order but BXN doesn’t offer that.

Security and Safety

Security and safety of the customer are also necessary whether it is about payment options or the quality of the products. Checking the eligibility of the customers buying the products is also necessary.

BXN and Weedsmart, both online dispensaries have mastered in offering reliable payment options as well as offering safe products. Both sites also check for the age of the customer but there is no ID of the customer is required so it can be misused.

Bottom line

In our opinion, both sites have great things to offer to their customers. But in some extras perk like the selection of strains, free gifts, minimum amount of free shipping, and mix & match options, Weedsmart performs better than BudExpressNow. So, the winning trophy goes to Weedsmart. Customers have to use their knowledge while choosing an online dispensary for them.

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