Winning Real Money

What Does ‘Winning Real Money’ Mean in The Online Casino World?

The simple answer to this question is winning money that can be transferred from your online casino account to your bank account or credit card or electronic wallet – money that you can then use for anything that you want.

This has to be understood in the context of another mode of play at online casinos that is variously described as “fun play”, “demo play”, “practice play” or with similar tags. In this mode, the online casino loads the game with an amount of play money. When you are through, you cannot withdraw any amount from the online casino, not even the excess over the starting sum. This mode is for enjoyment only.

The question that follows, and is the more pertinent one, is how can you win “real money” at online casinos? The obvious process is of depositing your funds at the online casino and staking them in the games like slot machines, roulette and blackjack. If luck favours you, then you end up with more than you put in and can cash out your deposits and winnings.

Deposit Match Bonuses at Online Casinos

Most online casinos offer a bonus amount when you deposit your own funds. The bonus is free playing money. You cannot cash out the bonus, but you can cash out the winnings from playing the bonus, subject to the given conditions. The eligible winnings are transferred to your main account at the online casino and are as good as money deposited by you in all respects. This is real money won by you and can be used for betting on casino games or can be withdrawn to your bank account or credit card. It is true that there will be times when you consume the bonus without meeting the conditions and fail to convert it to cash, but there is nothing to be lost in trying.

We would fail in our duty if we do not acquaint you with the nature of conditions attached to online casino bonuses. You have to use them within a given time, you can play only specified games using bonuses and there will be a limit on each bet amount. The most important condition is the wagering requirement, which tell you the amount to be bet using the bonuses and the winnings before you are allowed to cash out.

No Deposit Bonuses at Online Casinos

The concept of playing online without using cash and winning real money prizes makes many players think there might be a catch. But, thanks to no deposit bonuses, this is possible thanks to the various casino bonuses available from many providers, without the need for an initial deposit.

Online casinos usually give bonuses without deposits to players when they register a new account as a part of the welcome package. Sometimes the no deposit bonuses are given on festive occasions and to promote new games. There are two different ways in which online casinos give no deposit bonuses. One is a lumpsum amount and the other is a number of free spins on some slots games. The bonus amount directly or the wins from the free spins are subject to the wagering requirements.

Online Casino Tournaments

Players usually engage with online casinos by playing games alone against the house. Many online casinos offer a different mechanism as well, by hosting multiplayer tournaments. All the players that enter the tournament are given a standard chip stack and have to play a specified game for a given amount of time. At the end of the tournament, the players are ranked on a leader board in descending order of their final chip stack. The designated number of players on top of the leader board share a real money prize pool. The amount won becomes your money and is credited to your cash account. You can then use it to play casino games or withdraw it, as you think fit.

In many online tournaments, you will be asked to pay an entry fee, which is the sum total of your liability. Against this, you have a chance of winning a real money share of the prize pool. You are not charged for the amount you get by way of the chips nor can you cash out the balance chips after the tournament. Most online casinos offer freeroll tournaments, which is great for new players because there is no entry fee. The prizes are smaller, but you get an opportunity to try and build a bankroll without any investment.

There Are No Guarantees of Winning Real Money

Whichever way you engage with online casinos, the games there are ultimately games of chance based on random outcomes. If you are lucky then you will win, and if you are unlucky then you will not win. You should not start gambling at online casinos with the expectation that you will definitely win real money. In fact, in the long run players, taken as a whole, will not win because casino games are designed to give the casinos a house edge that ranges from 5% for slots to 1% for blackjack. This allows the operators to meet their costs and get a reasonable return on their investments.

However, if you are aware of the freebies and bonuses offered and know how to use them effectively, then you can increase the chance of winning real money at online casinos. We hope that this article has served as a primer on this important topic for online casino players. You will find other such articles and bonus coupons on our website.

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