What is a good streaming service to replace cable TV?

Ever since the cord-cutting trend picked up momentum, we get to see questions for cable alternative recommendations online quite often. So, let see how it goes like: Can I watch TV without cable? TV networks transmit signals both through wires and wirelessly. If you do not want to use cable but want to watch TV, you have the option of wireless connectivity. All you need is an antenna and a tuner for catching the wireless signals. Nowadays, HDTV antennas are available in the market. Moreover, guess what, you can watch 94 out of 100 top TV shows using them.

Cable services have also launched their streaming apps ensuring their user’s entertainment even when they are away from home. You can check the Spectrum TV app; you do not have to pay any additional fee if you get Spectrum TV services. On top of that, Spectrum services are contract-free which makes the deal even more interesting.

However, here in this read, we are going to enlist some good streaming services that you can use to replace your cable TV services or use simultaneously. So, let’s get started!


Disney introduced its streaming services, which has brought a boom in the industry. It shows original content, which includes TV shows and films. You can watch some famous series such as Marvel, National Geographic. Star Wars, and much more. Disney is rapidly winning the hearts of people who love streaming apps. When it comes to its cost, it is somewhere around $8 to $14 per month.


This streaming service holds its importance in terms of the movie shows largely. Users of the Paramount streaming service can watch the newly released movies after 45 days since released in the theaters and cinemas across the world. It saves you a great deal of time and money as you can watch everything in your bedroom or living room just by using the Paramount streaming service. It costs you around $6 to $10 per month only.

Cable Network Channels Online 

If you do not like paying a single dollar for streaming services, it is the best option for you. However, it does not offer everything for free. You can purchase its subscription for around $6 per month and enjoy watching over 10,000 episodes of your favorite TV series. It also allows you to download network apps where you can easily watch everything for free. For downloading any content that you can watch later offline, all you need is a smart TV or any streaming device such as Apple TV, etc.

HDTV Antenna

HDTV antennas could be a perfect option to replace cable TV in 2021. They work similar to ordinary antennas but come in better design, quality, and performance. You will find many HDTV antennas in the market, at significantly different prices. You can buy any of those to enjoy your favorite shows in HD quality.


Here is another option that you can use as an alternative to cable TV. It is also free to use and serves you as one of the best options for watching almost everything online. However, the only downside is that you cannot use it or take it anywhere you want. Every local library has its rules and regulations. Visit their website to see if any of those match your needs, but still not a bad deal if it is not charging you anything.

Conclusive Notes

We have deliberately highlighted the streaming services that are not as popular and commonly mentioned as Netflix, Hulu TV, Peacock, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Fire TV, HBO max, Sling TV, and such. All of these streaming services come in different tiers of the package and you can check the ones that work best for you.

Furthermore, good streaming services are not the only cable alternatives; you can check antenna and YouTube alongside an unlimited amount of free content libraries online. The only downside of free content is that it comes with ad interruptions. In addition, the quality of content may also not be as good and you might not find exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, we would encourage you to subscribe to a streaming service monthly plan.

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