what to keep in mind when buying nfl goods online

What to Keep in Mind When Buying NFL Goods Online

Official NFL merchandise is sure to break the bank if the football fan in your life must have lots of it. Supporting the team is a great American pastime. The costs of doing so soon add up, especially if your entire family is into the sport.


Buying jerseys for players that just moved teams can save money, but if you must have the latest jersey, you’ll want a coupon. Sporting goods promo codes for official NFL merchandise, whether it is jerseys or throw pillows you’re after can help save big bucks.

Jersey Guide

No football fan’s closet is complete without a jersey with their favorite player’s name and number. A range of NFL jerseys can be purchased in a range of quality. Basically, you are going to get what you pay for.

An authentic Nike Elite NFL jersey is going to be the most expensive. These are what the players wear, although if you want an actual player’s physical jersey, you are going to need to go to a specialist dealer. The graphics and numbers are sewn on. The NFL shield on the Elite jersey looks plastic and is not embroidered. This is important to remember if you’re buying an authentic Elite jersey as knock-offs might embroider the shield. The fabric is a heavyweight polyester/spandex blend.

Premier or Nike Limited jerseys are the next level below the Elite jerseys. They’re cheaper because the quality isn’t as high. They look the same as Elite jerseys but won’t last as many washes. The fabric is polyester without the spandex blend. The graphics are still sewn on.

Replica NFL jerseys are the cheapest and the best option for growing kids. The graphics and numbers are printed on and the fabric is light. They won’t survive numerous washings but will survive until the kid is ready for the next size. Replica jerseys are the most commonly purchased.


Since 2012, Nike has been the official manufacturer of NFL jerseys. Authentic Elite, Limited, and Replica jerseys are made by Nike and will include the official Nike logo. That doesn’t mean all official merchandise is made by Nike. NFL Proline Jerseys are available from the official NFL store. They’re the same as a Nike replica but cheaper and don’t have the Nike logo. All NFL merchandise should be purchased from official NFL retailers.

Reebok and Mitchell and Ness

Throwback jerseys can be purchased. Mitchell and Ness make a polyester jersey with sewn-on graphics and numbers. Reebok’s Throwback jerseys are similar in quality to replica jerseys.

Too Good to Be True

Much like other clothing items, there are plenty of fake NFL jerseys in circulations. It can be notoriously difficult to spot fakes unless you specifically collect official NFL jerseys or counterfeits. Even then, collectors can be fooled. Unless a player has been recently traded, if something is too cheap, it is probably a fake.

Check the stitching. Shoddy stitching is a big giveaway of fake clothing items, including NFL jerseys and other merchandise. Unfortunately, when buying online it is impossible to check the quality of the fabric. High-quality polyester is soft whereas low-quality polyester is scratchy.

Check spellings and numbers. The most obvious way to tell that any clothing item is fake is with the spelling. If something is misspelled, it is fake. NFL jerseys have another layer of protection because you can check the team and player number for the jersey you are buying. Buying online, the seller could include a picture of an authentic jersey but send a fake. Authentic Nike Elite jerseys only have a single seam on the bottom inside, their numbers are reflective and the jock tags are low.

Big Bucks

Fans spend a lot of money on football merchandise each season, even more so if their team makes the playoffs or Super Bowl. It isn’t just limited to jerseys. Some fans will dress from head-to-toe in NFL clothing, including their socks and underwear. Winter coats are another popular item, especially with kids. Buying authentic merchandise is the best way to ensure the items last. Big bucks will be spent but coupons will help save money. Counterfeits aren’t high quality and can even trigger allergic reactions. You don’t want to send your kid to the bus stop on a rainy day for them to be soaked through because you tried to save a few dollars on a counterfeit coat. Apply the jersey guide to any NFL merchandise you buy and only buy from official retailers.

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