where to buy linen dresses online

Where to Buy Linen Dresses Online

Cotton has been the premium material in the world of clothing, but there is a more sustainable material in the market: linen. Grown from flax plants, this material is not only friendly to the environment but is also durable and gets better with time, just like fine wine. This highly versatile material is commonly used to make homeware and fashion products such as bed sheets, tablecloth, all the way up to shirts and linen dresses, (yes they do exist, go check them out). The product itself possesses durable quality and comfort that cannot be found in other materials. 

The breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities of linen dresses are so good, to the extent that some people say that wearing a linen dress is the closest you can get to being naked. If you have been desiring or are now wishing to get some linen outfits for yourself online, the following are the best places to consider:

1. MagicLinen

This brand came to life when Vita, the founder, realized that her mother’s and grandmother’s clothes lasted longer than hers. As a family-owned business, MagicLinen specializes in designing custom linen products to suit your personal needs. This shop has products with a maximum cost of $125 and is therefore affordable to lots of customers. 

2. Linenfox 

You can also buy your linen apparel from Linenfox for eco-friendliness, good ethics, and sustainability. This brand is owned by a husband-and-wife duo that focuses on creating linen garments that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and ethically-made. You can enjoy choosing from hundreds of options, and all are available at budget-friendly prices. 

3. Míe

This is the perfect brand for someone who likes a little bit of style on their clothing. With dresses that have simple but elegant details such as puff sleeves, timeless colors, and playful ties, Míe has a variety of products to meet your linen desires. All the pieces by this brand are handmade-to-order, and you can enjoy worldwide shipping as well as free shipping on all orders above $250. 

4. Eileen Fisher

If you are in the market for stylish and sustainable linen, Eileen Fisher should be your one-stop-shop for all kinds of linen garments. The company uses flax from France, but their products are available for international shipping. With multiple natural pieces to choose from, you can rest assured that you will have a reliable work-to-weekend wardrobe. In addition to being durable, this brand features ethically-made products so you can enjoy your peace of mind. 

5. Sugar Candy Mountain 

This shop provides you with various linen dress options to choose from depending on your style preferences and needs. The linen clothing by Sugar Candy Mountain is 100% natural, and usually pre-washed with organic soap that is unscented. You can even buy pieces that are adorned using ethically-sourced natural shell buttons. These flattering pieces are made to last long so that you can enjoy unending comfort. 

6. Posse 

If you believe in timeless looks like Posse does, then you will be fascinated by the wide variety of timeless linen clothing available at this shop. All their products are ethically handmade in Bali by women who earn livable wages, so you can rest assured that you are supporting a good cause. The resourceful and sustainable supply chain that Posse has created makes it possible to have stunning linen clothing for everyday and beyond. 

In Conclusion

The above are some of the most interesting and reliable places to buy linen dresses online. Of course, there are lots of other online linen clothing shops to buy from. Regardless of where you are located or what you like, the most important factor to consider before purchasing your linen attire is to ensure that the products are ethically-made. That way, you will be supporting a positive cause and we can collectively create a chain that is beneficial to everyone who is involved. 

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